Nurturing Mental well-being. Fostering emotional health.

BloomClass is a digital club that promotes teens' mental health and wellness through monthly online workshops. Through interactive live sessions, our experts teach them mindset hacks rooted in neuroscience and guide them in developing healthy habits for life.

50% of all mental health disorders start by age 14. (World Health Organization.)

Monthly Workshops for Mindful Growth and Lifelong Wellness

  • Engaging Weekly Sessions, with monthly updated content, so learning stays fresh and exciting.

  • Small groups (6-8 students), to ensure that teens have the opportunity to connect with their peers.

  • High Skilled Educators trained to provide top-notch online teaching experiences.

  • Created by professionals, made for teens Our curriculum is created by neuroscientists, but designed by teachers who know exactly how to engage children.

  • Online Workshops: Connecting Minds, Building Community: Our workshops are accessible from anywhere you can connect to WiFi, allowing you to join us from wherever you are.

Join The Club

· 125$/mo
· 4 workshops of 45 minutes

Limited spots available*

Our program

We've crafted our program based on well-researched methods to give teenagers the best tools for life. Here's what we focus on:

  • Nurturing Positivity: We're not just about reducing stress. We aim to enhance happiness and infuse a sense of purpose in every teenager.

  • Holistic Brain Understanding: We show teens how their brain influences feelings and thoughts, using simple "brain bites" for clear, jargon-free explanations.

  • Balancing Mindsets: They discover how to turn challenges into opportunities, understanding 'Stress Mindset' and 'Growth Mindset'.

  • Mastering Emotions: We teach teens to identify, understand, and manage their emotions effectively.

  • Being Mindfully Connected: We introduce teens to techniques that help them stay connected with their mind and body, helping them recognize and respect their inner signals.

The outcome? Teens emerge from our program more resilient and confident, ready to face life's ups and downs with grace and assurance.

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